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After more than 2 years of operation, we decided that the time had come to give avbooking a complete makeover. 24 March 2008 we launched our new site with a fresh new look. We have improved the navigation and search features making it easier to find your way around the adverts as well as adding a whole bunch of new features.

If you are an existing advertiser and not sure where you should go to login to your account,
you need to select the  Accounts  option from the site menu displayed to the top-right of this page.

Searching our adverts
Our simple to use hierarchical navigation tree on the right allows you to quickly go to the advertisement section that is of most interest to you.

You can also narrow your search by country and/or adverts that contain certain words. You may also specify whether you want to find adverts containing all or any of your search words. Search words should be seperated using spaces.

Keeping track of your favorite adverts
When viewing an advert you can,
add it to your own private selection list by clicking 
or, remove it from your private selection list by clicking 
You can find your selections again by clicking on
"My selections" at the top of the navigation tree.

If cookies are enabled in your browser, your selections will be available to the next time that you visit from the same computer.

Signing up for a free advertiser account
Both commercial and private advertiser accounts are free and fully featured.
We have no additional advertiser account types, no advertiser account upgrades and no advertiser account features that we try to sell to our advertisers.

Please note:
We only allow advertisements for aviation related items or services on this site.

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  • Only searching the ads?
    If you are only searching through the adverts, you do not need to create an account.
    There are no "members only" adverts or additional information about any of the adverts that is made available to account users.

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